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Get your readers' full name and Twitter @handle

5-min setup, no-coding needed.

Collect verified emails, stop losing subscribers who forgot to confirm

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They're like those "Sign in with Google" buttons you see on the web but made especially for newsletters. Embedding these buttons on your website will let your readers subscribe to your newsletter in a click, with their social accounts.

  1. All emails you collect through this will be verified and you don't need to send a confirmation emails.
  2. They give your readers a pleasant experience and improve your sign-up rates especially on mobile devices.
  3. You get your subscribers full name and twitter username along with their email address into your email marketing app.
  4. It takes just 5 minutes to set them up and require no maintainance for ever.

Arvid Kahl

“I added social login links to my newsletter signup page last week using by @knlmsh. Looks like people are starting to use them. I highly recommend setting something like this up for your own newsletters.

Get your subscriber's full name and Twitter/Github username

Totally privacy-friendly. These details come only from their publicly visible profile.

Stop losing subscribers who forgot to confirm.

The email address comes from Google, Twitter or Github where they've already been verified. So no sending double opt-in emails.

One-time, no-code, 100% customisable set-up.

You get a few links which you can add to any button on any website so you have 100% control over how the buttons look.

Works with:

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Make your buttons

Dan Ni

“There are a few tweaks that led to big improvements in mobile landing page signup rates, adding OAuth signup buttons for GitHub, Google, and Twitter. Roughly 50% of mobile visitors sign up via these buttons instead of the traditional email field

— from How I grew my newsletter to 130k subs in 20 months

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